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In a context of continuous growth in our business, we needed to ensure that our website, which is also our booking site, provided high availability. Indeed, this website contributes directly to the achievement of our turnover objectives. Neurones IT, via its ScaleSquad BU, supported our teams in the redesign of the hosting of our website.…


Congratulations to our athletes for their participation in the 2019 inter-subsidiary Football Cup! While promoting team cohesion, they were able to express their fighting spirit and passion on the pitch. ??⚽️?


Did you know that 80% of disabilities are invisible? Our employees have had the opportunity to learn more thanks to “Hand’Escape”, an escape game to raise awareness of disability in the workplace. Logic and collaboration were the key words for this innovative and immersive activity!


On the occasion of the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities, in collaboration with Signe de Sens, our employees were able to take advantage of a workshop to raise awareness of LSF (French Sign Language) through a mime game. What could be better than a fun activity to learn sign language ? ☺️??


Last night, we were present at the afterwork #tekkit. A great opportunity for our recruitment teams to present our job offers and career opportunities to candidates specialized in the IT # domain.


Our last cooptation cocktail in 2019 allowed our 30 coopted employees to meet our recruitment managers and their future managers, in a friendly and warm atmosphere at the Juvia restaurant! On top of that, the specialist in digital magic, Vinz Magicien Mentaliste, dazzled our collaborators!  ? ✨